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Our Story

We are two Findian brothers (our Mamma is Finnish, our Pappa Indian) both Chiropractors, both graduates from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth.


From birth, we were blessed to receive chiropractic care and other alternative non traditional methods of healing. This in turn installed in us a  deep calling and profound desire to study in our parents footsteps…


As Brothers we not only share a similar vision to serve our community and share our knowledge of  the power of chiropractic, enabling patients not just to overcome health challenges but to live a life expressing their truest most authentic self. 

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I feel Chiropractic is part of my birth right! One of the first memories I have is being in my Mum’s clinic and as I got older, I witnessed the fulfilment she got from helping her patients, easing their pains and assisting them back to a greater feeling of well-being.


I realised that Chiropractic was my career path so I studied as my mother, father and brother did, at the Anglo European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth.  The human system is so incredibly complex and Chiropractic is simple in its approach as it can enable the body to handle stress better, remove the interference of trauma and allow patients to find their optimum health. My interest is finding the connection between brain, body, spirit and nature.


One of the connections between the body brain spirit and nature is I believe music, we all move to our own sense of rhythm and find our inner beat similarly with Chiropractic care, they both offer us the experiences of Vibration, each level feeding our senses and allowing us to engage with our emotions, some excite and energise and others calm and ground us .  


As Bob Marley said   "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain"


Yoga has made me seek the exploration of a deeper rhythm within myself, understanding the vital tempo of the breath, allowing the flow of energy strengthening the connection to brain, body, spirit, and nature not only gives me a greater sense of well-being but is my down time I value greatly.


Recently, I have formed an Academy at the clinic where graduates can come and gain the knowledge and techniques I use.



I graduated from AECC in 2014. In that time I have worked in the U.K, Peru, Spain, Holland with voluntary work in Haiti, Domincan republic and India. 


What I love about chiropractic is being able to help people live a life more connected with themselves, returning them back to the activities that they love to do, the passions that bring meaning to their life, because that is what living is! 


Whats amazing is everywhere around the world where I have worked the principle; the body is self healing and has the power to heal from within has always been understood. Its our job as chiropractors to facilitate that healing process by removing the interference that is blocking the body’s natural ability to heal.


My passions outside of chiropractic include surfing, tennis, guitar and yoga. In recent years my passion for yoga has led me to teach yoga and combine it with chiropractic care. The 2 are essientally one of the same to bring harmony to our mind body spirit taking us closer to our true essence. I lke to think chiropractic as lazy mans yoga and yoga as poor mans chiropractic. 

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Opening Hours 

Mon  8.30 - 6.30

Tues  8.30 - 5.30

Wed  8.00 - 5.30

Fri      8.30 - 5.30 

Contact us:

01202 880136


Karmalife Chiropractic Clinic

154 Leigh Road



BH21 2DB

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